Introducing Sexpenditure

Sexpenditure is an online established retail business that offers a wide range of adult toys, aphrodisiacs,sex games,sex furniture’s, lingerie’s,bondage toys and any product in the sex category. Sexpenditure’s motto is “your pleasures only”.

We offer fun, satisfying, pleasurable, handy and readily available adult toys to male and female youth of age in Nigeria.

We believe that sex toys are empowering because they put YOU in charge of your own pleasure rather than waiting for someone else to figure out how to give you satisfaction.  Whichever toy you choose YOU are taking charge of your sexuality. Your toy will be ready to perform all day and/or all night until YOU are totally 100% satisfied.  Sex toys have also helped many women who struggle to have an orgasm inside the “big bang track”.

On the other hand we also know that nothing can replace another human being and while the orgasms may be great, the conversational abilities and cuddling factor of even our top range of products is limited, so don’t worry that you won’t want the real thing anymore.  Of course using sex toys isn’t something you only do solo and bringing them into your relationship can add considerable flavor to your repertoire and turn a good sexual experience into a FABULOUS one!

At Sexpenditure you will find beautifully made, gorgeous to look at and well-designed products – not tacky novelties or porn store quality and packaging.  If you are looking for cheap, poorly made products that are little more than a gimmick and which are likely to break or possibly even be toxic then Sexpenditure isn’t for you. You will find that it’s worth paying for our products which are thoroughly tested and will, if properly cared for last you for many years and provide hours of fun!

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