What is a Sex Shop

Honestly I had to pause for a minute, like okay what do I say to you now. A sex shop contains sex products; oh Damilola dnt be this silly, common explain to them properly.

Lets  get right into this. When you think of clothes you think boutique, when you think toiletries and groceries you think supermarket, so also sex. A standard sex shop or sex store is a store or shop that provides you with everything and anything that has to do with sex. Usually their product variety would range from, sex toys, sex furnitures , Aphrodisiacs, Lingerie’s , sex dolls, Masturbators, artificial vaginas, bondage toys also known as BDSM kits, Sex tapes, Sex Magazines, Anal toys, Lubricants and oils, Pheromones.

So many sex toy stores in Nigeria may not have all of these categories we listed above, but be sure to get Vibrators, dildos, clitoris sucker and strapons as these as the most sort after sex toys in this terrain.

Sex Shops in Nigeria do not require a license or any form of regulation as of the time of writing the article in January 27 2022. Sex toy shops in Ghana are required to register with Food and drugs Authority – FDA.

To wrap this up , a Sex shop (sex toy shop) in Africa usually leaves many people wowed, as there are so many sensual and sexy looking products. Try not to get horny when you visit a standard sex (sextoy) store like Sexpenditure

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