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The new world of lovemaking, now with clitoral pressure wave stimulation. A HIGH POINT AMONG HIGH POINTS! The ergonomic shape and silky-soft silicone cover of the Pro 4 Couples ensure that it sits comfortably in your hand. Once the tempting design has seduced you, you will be on the path to sharing simultaneous ecstasy. The narrower shaft is worn in the vagina and offers 10 powerful vibration settings which stimulate both the penis
and the vagina during sex. While he enjoys the feeling of added tightness round his penis, she enjoys the
sensual pressure on her G-spot. At the same time, part of the U-shaped vibrator remains outside, indulging her
clitoris with tantalising pressure waves which recreate the sensation of oral stimulation. The seductive interplay between pressure and suction has 11 settings, ensuring an unforgettable sensual experience. The round silicone
attachment encircles your clitoris as you are brought to a touch-free climax.
The intuitive controls allow you to control the vibration and pressure wave settings separately, thus resulting in
countless possible combinations. The Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples is also extremely quiet, although it may well coax



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